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When should my Puppy start visiting the Groomer?

A question we get asked a lot is "when should I book my Puppies first appointment"?

In this blog we will explain to you the process our puppies go through which results in them content on the grooming table.

Grooming with your Breeder before you take your Puppy home.

All Breeders of dogs coated or not should have done regular handling sessions with the Puppy. If you are buying a breed that needs regular grooming e.g Poodle, Poodle crosses, Bearded Collie, Samoyed, Old English Sheep Dog, Maltease, you would expect a lot of work having been put into your Puppy's grooming education before you take them home.

This video shows one of our 9 week old Bearded collie Puppies being blow dried in the salon.

Our Puppies are conditioned from a young age to enjoy grooming. We do this with regular session on the grooming that are linked with lots of positive attention from us and treats. Our puppies leave us understanding brushes, combs baths and dryers. When you visit your Puppy at the Breeders ask them what they are doing before you collect to help your Puppy understand grooming. Your breeder should provide you with information on the best grooming tools for your breed and also information on how to use them.

When Puppy goes to their new home.

We recommend that our owners bath and dry their pups with a low heat dryer every two weeks until they are 16 - 20 weeks old and then to book them in at the groomers.

At New Forest Pet Spa we offer a puppy Package that is two visits for £50 ( under 6 months)

Our Packages can be viewed here

These visits are designed to let your Puppy meet their Groomer and have an introduction to all the tools and equipment that will be used throughout their lifetime to keep them looking good and more importantly feeling good.

Why are early visits to the groomer so important?

The two main issues with not putting the work in early with your Puppy is they become matted and their first experience at the groomer is a mission to get the coat off. This is not fair on the Puppy or the Groomer. The second issue is your Puppy reaching the age of say nine month and having their first experience of all the equipment that we use. Dogs that end up hating grooming have not had positive early experiences with grooming. You can always tell the dogs in the grooming salon that have come from a young age as they are relaxed and enjoy their time with their groomer. They leave feeling and looking amazing.

Groomers use very sharp equipment!! If your Puppy has not had good early experiences with grooming it becomes very difficult to trim a face of a dog that is not relaxed. Again positive early exposure to grooming is safer for dog and groomer.

Extra Learning - Grooming events?

Maintenace grooming at home is also very important we regularly run events that you can attend with or without your dog to work with your dog to achieve positive grooming sessions Our events can be found here .

On going Grooming.

If you want a nice lawn you mow it regularly.

If you want well manicured hands you have regular manicures.

If you want your dog to stay looking good we have lots of packages available for regular grooming. Our most popular package is for Bearded Collies who are groomed monthly.

Speak to Rani about a regular grooming package and we can put one together for you based on your dog's needs.

The long and the short of it the more correct exposure your Puppy gets the more they will enjoy their grooming sessions. You can book up to a year in advance so there is no excuse to fall behind in grooming.

Rani will give the patience and time for your Puppy to learn to enjoy their time with her.

This gorgeous Puppy still comes in for regular grooming and is extremely relaxed with the process

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